The Executive Coach Client Alliance™

What is the Executive Coach/Client Alliance™?

Knowing and Developing Your Ethical Compass Through the Executive Coach Client Alliance™

A coach is an ally. A coach will challenge, question, listen, question and challenge again.

In a time of change and transformation, a coach is a stable and available resource as you define your own compass and work together in alliance.

Coaching and the Crisis: Working together in an alliance to define the crisis, understand its impact and design a strategic plan for identifying obstacles and moving forward from the crisis.

Coaching and the Compass: Focusing on the clear and specific development of an ethical compass designed by and for the individual through the alliance of client and coach.

Coaching and Assessments: The use of pragmatic and applicable assessments to identify and address business and personal goals, significant values, productivity and efficiency.

Coaching and Dynamic Change: A crisis offers an opportunity that can turn the shock and stress of loss and change into an open door.


What are the results?

The Ethical Compass and Your Career: Work through the obstacles, make the choices and the changes, cross the bridge to the next stage of your career with hope, clarity of purpose and confidence

The Ethical Compass and Decision Making: A core of ethical principles that provide a basis for making decisions with confidence, assurance, self-awareness, a strong sense of responsibility and an awareness of the impact on others

The Ethical Compass and Productivity: Higher personal and employee productivity based on respect for yourself and for your employees, keeping the best by knowing their talents and abilities as well as you know your own – and placing them and yourself in the careers and the jobs you are made for 

The Ethical Compass and Your Goals: Goals that are aligned with a solid core of principles and a long-term plan and vision for your life rather than desperately trying to meet the demands of the day and the demands of others

The Ethical Compass and Overcoming Challenges: A new discipline that arises from a deeply rooted set of principles, values, beliefs and strengths that you have defined yourself and that you now apply to your life

The Ethical Compass and Your Employees: Business assessments and instruments followed by a deep and honest interpretation and application will lead to a new attitude and communication