What is an Ethical Compass?

What is an Ethical Compass?

An Ethical Compass is an internal compass that becomes a core of strength and assurance when the journey takes you into uncharted territory.

Who is The Ethical Compass Designed For?

The Ethical Compass is designed for executives, managers and leaders who have had their careers, plans thrown off course by the events that have changed the world since 2008, and are committed to the demanding and challenging work of defining their own Ethical Compass on a new foundation of strength, resilience and hope based on their own ethical compass.

The Executive Coach/Client Alliance is designed to assess and address the crisis in your career and your life and to build a foundation for the road ahead.


Drayton Boylston Executive Coach,  The Boylston Group, CEO, Executive Coaching University

“Are you looking for hope amidst all of this chaos? Are you wondering if there is any to be had?

Tim Riso has come up with an amazing “Personal Code of Ethics” which can help you set your compass to true north. Having gone through a crisis himself, he has used a life changing experience as inspiration to help others going through tough stuff. Tim can provide you with hope and a solid plan to help you become the architect for your life. You owe it to yourself and those around you to look deeper at his powerful program.”